Triple Fire by Jen Bluekissed

About Jen Bluekissed and why she likes the short story genre:
I am a writer of erotic romance and erotica.  Although I do have a few self published novels, I consider myself to be a short story writer first and foremost.  I have had 11 short stories published in anthologies published by Ravenous Romance, and have self published three short stories recently.  With erotic romance, I like the challenge of fitting in lots of plot, a HFN or HEA ending, and sex scenes that add to the plot and/or character development.  I especially enjoy writing short stories because every word has to count.  When I only have 2500 to 10,000 words to tell my entire story, I can't include anything that isn't vitally important.  Short story writing can really help to tighten up an author's writing, especially within the paranormal and fantasy genres. It's very easy to go overboard with description, but short stories have to strip away the unnecessary and simply get to the point. They're also a great exercise in practicing the idea of starting the action en media res. 

Summary of this work:
Sarkany lets her brother, Zmag, convince her to go on a blind date with a psychiatrist named Diego. Diego doesn't know that she is a three headed, fire breathing weredragon. When the other two spirits living inside Sarkany's body try to sabotage her love life, she is forced to tell Diego her secret. When he finds out who she is, sparks fly.

Warning: This 9300 word paranormal short story contains sizzling m/f and m/m/m/f sexual activity. Or, depending on the reader's perspective, it contains m/f/f/f and m/m/m/f/f/f sexual activity.

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