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Starting at 10pm CT on 3/22, Celebrity Space will be featured on DailyCheapReads.com.  The feature will be up for 24 hours and will end on 3/23.

I was very excited when Paula, the site owner, told me my short story would be posted.  This site is well known for its large following of readers/potential buyers.  In order to have a novel posted, the book must:

-Be under $5
-Have 5 substantive reviews
-No erotica

However, Paula informed me that she puts short stories on a different track than novels.  It takes far less time to have your short story posted and you don't have to have as many reviews (Celebrity Space did have 5 though).

I think this will be an interesting study marketing-wise.  Is the general public interested in trying short stories?  Paula told me that she doesn't have a whole lot of sci-fi readers, but she is going to add an intro blurb mentioning to people that a short story could be a perfect way to "test the waters."  So we'll see how it goes!


  1. Woo-hoo!
    I hope you get a ton of sales from this!

    Shana Hammaker
    Twelve Terrifying Tales for 2011

  2. End results:

    3 copies of Celebrity Space sold today (well above average lol)

    2 copies of other stories sold (don't know if this is related?)

  3. Hi,

    Thought you'd be interested in this article about short stories in The Guardian:


    p.s. congratulations on the sales

  4. Sorry to keep 'spaming' you, but this may also be of interest if you have any homeless short stories:

  5. Don't feel bad! I always appreciate your insight and comments, James.

    That article was quite good. And so very thoroughly British. It cracked me up. You would never hear an American use the phrase "It may be a minority interest, but the brevity of the form acknowledges the world's vastness and ambiguities." They would be like "Snooki... wha...?"

  6. I really liked how that article compared novels to short stories. How the novel attempts to solve everything. But the short story can be more one ambiguous glimpse.

  7. Alain - to be honest, not many British people talk like that anymore either!


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