Lonesome Night by Christopher Beck

About Christopher Beck and why he likes the short story genre:
 I've dabbled in writing ever since I was a kid but have only recently started to self-publish. I started with short stories for a number of reasons. One: I think readers may be more likely to purchase a .99 cent short from an unknown rather than a $2.99 (or higher) novel. Two: you can showcase your diversity, early and quickly, with shorts of different genre's. Three: they are just fun to write. Not everything has to be explained in a short, it can just be, and I think that gives authors a different sort of freedom when it comes to writing. Short Stories do not have to follow the same rules as novels and I think that is what is so appealing about them, to authors and readers alike.  

Summary of "Lonesome Night":
Distraught over the loss of his girlfriend, Michael can't take sitting around his apartment any longer. With no real destination in mind he heads out for the night. All he wants to do is clear his head and forget about Becky for awhile. Will he be able to do so? Or, will what awaits him in the night make Michael wish he had just stayed home?

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