Concept behind "A Model Railway Man," a short story by Alain Gomez

The most difficult part in the creation process of this story was classifying it after I was done.  Has anyone else had this problem?  I went to upload it on PubIt and Amazon and they want you to add neat little labels to it.  I'm like, I have no idea what I what this story falls under.  Science fiction maybe?  What is science fiction?  Anything with unusual going-ons?  General fiction is too broad.  I want to attract readers that like weird endings.

Amazon and PubIt should have a sample link you could click on.  Your work would qualify as a space opera if it includes elements X,Y and Z.  Or suggestions on how to classify works in a manner that would appeal to your target audience.

Perhaps I am thinking about this way too much.  That was always where I got into trouble on multiple choice tests.  All the answers could be right!  But I think this is actually a legitimate concern for authors.  Plus, it would be to Amazon and B&N's advantage to help indie authors target the best audience.


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