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Reassessing what makes writing fun

My "real life" work has changed slightly.  I took on a new position (in addition to doing the jobs of my old one).  Overall, this has been a good thing.  It was a career move and I welcome the opportunities this new position will open up for me. But as with all life changes it has forced me to rebalance other areas of my life, which includes writing.  I have become less and less focused on the business of writing and more viewing it as I used to view it before I got into publishing: as a hobby.  While I do suffer from the occasional pang of regret from not being able to publish as often as I used to, I have found that my enjoyment of writing and  just my general free time has increased. This has made me reassess what it was/is that actually makes writing fun for me.  I've come up with a list: I enjoy getting lost in the world I've created. I enjoy drawing story inspiration from daily experiences. I enjoy thinking about the story I'm writing and contempla