Pandora's Children Book 3: Death Bleeds Into Life by Bradley Convissar

About Bradley Convissar:

I am a 33 year old dentist from NJ.  I graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans in 1999 with a degree in Evolutionary Biology and earned my DMD in lovely Newark, NJ in 2003.  I am married, have 2 young kids and a diabetic wiener dog, and I love to extract teeth :-)  I am a horror writer, but somewhat different than most of today's horror writers, in that I don't write slasher stories, zombie/virus/post-apocalyptic America stories, or vampire romances.  I write what I consider good old fashioned King/Koontz/Barker/Matheson psychological horror.

Why he enjoys the short story form:

Ahh, short stories.  With today's on-the-go population, always on the move and with a somewhat shorter attention span, short stories prove the perfect diversion.  I own a Droid X and I love to download short story collections, especially from Indie authors, to read when I am out and about.  On line at the market.  At lunch.  While waiting to pick someone up.  Short stories provide the perfect vehicle for quick entertainment as we get along with our busy lives.  They also are a wonderful tool for new authors to get their voice heard.  Many people, and I include myself in this group, don't always want to invest the money or time on a full 300 page story by someone they have never heard of before.  But short stories give readers a wonderful opportunity to decide if they like an author's stories and style before making that commitment to read a whole novel.

Summary of this work:

Welcome to my chair.  Please, take a seat.  And please, try to relax.  This won’t hurt a bit.  But don’t be surprised if your heart races just a little bit.
In “Just Meat”, meet Amanda Madison, a first year medical student who learns more than expected one evening in her gross anatomy lab.
In “The Madame Penitent”, meet Mark Spencer, a teenager looking for one final thrill before a brain tumor kills him.
In “A Matter of Faith, A Matter of Balance”, meet Jebediah Jacobs, a religious leader in the Utah desert accused of horrible crimes.
In the novella “The Transfer”, meet Matthew Turner, a transfer student obsessed with unraveling the mysteries of the room next door and the girl murdered within two years earlier.
3 short stories, 1 novella, 45,000 words.
If you’re tired of zombies and vampires, then come on in and meet the damaged souls that are Pandora’s Children.  Don’t expect to leave unchanged.

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  1. Ooooh! This sounds right up my alley! Dr. Convissar, I just bought a copy and can't wait to read it!

    Thanks Alain for featuring this guy!

    Shana Hammaker
    Twelve Terrifying Tales for 2011


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