Concept behind "The Sacrifice," a short story by Alain Gomez

This is my very first short story and I wrote it originally for a Spanish class.  So, no, despite my last name, I am not fluent in Spanish.  But I can read/write Spanish somewhat.  I can also ask for directions in Spanish speaking countries and have a 60% chance of ending up where they told me to go.

"The Sacrifice" is a very simple story for two reasons.  The first is that I had never tried to write a short story before.  The second reason is that it was first written in a language where I have a very small vocabulary.  With these things in mind, I think I did a pretty dang good job.

Surprisingly, I have sold a handful of the Spanish version of this story, La Ofrenda, on B&N.  I've yet to sell any of my other short stories on that site.  This has made me contemplate translating some of my other works into Spanish and see what comes of it.  Has anyone else tried this?


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