The Short Story Project continues with author interviews

I've really been enjoying how The Short Story Project has turned out.  I like seeing such a wide range of topics written about using the short story form.  It goes to show that short stories are just as diverse as the novel.  Also, as many of the guest authors have pointed out, they allow you to experiment with characters and ideas in ways that could not have been done in a longer work.

The Short Story Project is going to continue with guest author interviews.  Some of the authors were featured before and some are new; all of them have interesting insights.  They were all asked five questions.  The purpose of these interviews is to provide a resource for old and new short story authors.  One of the best ways to improve one's writing is to learn from others.

The interviews will start tomorrow (3/26/11).  If you've been thinking about dabbling in short stories, perhaps these interviews will convince you to take the plunge; they're really not as neglected by the public as some choose to think.  If you already write stories, use the interviews as a tool.  All of the authors were asked to share what has worked for them when promoting short stories.  Many of them have some very good tips.

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