Short story sales stats for Shana Hammaker

I currently have 8 short works available on Amazon. 7 are short thrillers, and 1 is an essay length memoir.
I published the first short thriller in January, and up until July, I have published 1 new short thriller each month.
This month, however, I published the memoir in addition to the new short thriller.
With 1 exception, each short work is less than 10,000 words. But I don't feel bad leaving the stats in for the 1 longer work, because interestingly, it's been my weakest seller overall.
So here we go:
January 2011
# of titles for sale: 1, published on January 15.
# of total sales: 10 

February 2011
# of titles for sale: 2
# of total sales: 58
March 2011
# of titles for sale: 3
# of total sales: 56
April 2011
# of titles for sale: 4
# of total sales: 29
May 2011
# of titles for sale: 5
# of total sales: 28
June 2011
# of titles for sale: 6
# of total sales: 65


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