Review of "Press Delete," a short story by Maria Papadopoulou

Miranda and George are having problems. Who is the victimizer and who is the victim? Nothing is as it seems, and only towards the end will the truth be revealed. 

Though this story clocks in at slightly over 1,000 words, it has a flash fiction flavor to it.  It doesn't read like a story.  More like a stream of consciousness or a pained journal entry as a woman's husband leaves her.

Contrary to what the summary suggests, who actually caused the breakup is really not the most interesting aspect to Press Delete.  What's interesting is the multiple sides to the story presented from one point of view. Most people who have been in a relationship will instantly relate to Miranda; the pangs of heartbreak and jealousy.  However, even as she berates her husband, you can't help but see George's point of view: is she just overly suspicious?

Though well-written, I'm not sure if this story is strong enough to stand by itself simply because it's a stream of consciousness rather than an actual story.  If presented with two or three other pieces, I think the author could have a really powerful little collection on heartbreak and loss.

3/5 stars
Reviewed by Alain Gomez

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