Review of "Traditions" by Michael Sullivan, a single story in the collection "Twists and Turns"

A collection of nine short stories resulting from the "Red Adept Reviews Twists Contest."

“Traditions” by Michael Sullivan: A young girl embarks on a journey to fight a dragon.

This whole story is a twist on the "virgin sacrifice" motif.  Usually some innocent girl just ends up being stuck in the epic struggle between an obviously good hero and an obviously soulless monster.  While those are always fun, "Traditions" takes a new spin by featuring the points of view of the virgin and the monster.  This scenario raises some intriguing questions.

This story absorbs you.  The writing style is light and fresh.  It takes you a few paragraphs to figure out what's going on but once it becomes clear, you're hooked in.  Will our virgin sacrifice give way to tradition?

A highly recommended read.  I will definitely be looking out for more of Sullivan's short stories.

4/5 stars
Reviewed by Alain Gomez

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  1. I absolutely loved this story!
    It's one of my favorites from the collection, and it's not even a genre I would normally read!

    Shana Hammaker

  2. It's true, it's very outside the normal fantasy box. I really liked it.


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