Flashes of Humor, Glimpses of Life

This is my first flash fiction collection.  Some of the pieces I originally wrote here on Book Brouhaha.  But most of the stories are unique to the collection.  As a theme I was going for little every day occurrences or interactions.  Little tiny things that I find amusing but don't really warrant an entire book discussing them.

I really liked putting together Flashes of Humor, Glimpses of Life.  It was very different from writing a short story.  It was kind of like writing poetry or something.  In order to gather ideas, I had to become hyper-aware of all the little things going on around me rather than just coming up with a single story idea.

My next writing project that I've been working on is actually another flash fiction collection.  The to-be-announced collection is about death.  I think all this artsy stuff is making me morbid.


  1. Was sure I'd commented on this once, but obviously not...

    Anyway I've read this and really liked it. I think the flash-form suits you. Glad they'll be a round two.

  2. Thank you, James. I actually really needed that word of encouragement.

    Continuing on the "flash" puns, the next one will be called "Dead in a Flash."


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