Is it financially realistic being a full time short story writer?

As my father says: data is happiness (he's an engineer).

I've seen a lot of questions/speculations thrown around about short story sales.  So I want to start gathering REAL data from short story authors.  I think this is important for both indie short story and novelists alike.  

Personally, I write because I enjoy it.  But I think that people hold back on writing short stories because they fear there's no money in it.  Perhaps that's true, perhaps not.

I will start by posting my own sales data and then periodically updating it.  Please let me know if you are interesting in submitting your own sales info.  Even if you don't sell a lot, your information can only help the short story cause. 

I'm hoping that at least my own data will allow me to notice trends.


  1. Alain,

    I am willing to post my numbers on my short stories. I published two so far and have been happy with the initial numbers, which were a bit better than the early results for my novels.

  2. Nice! Tomorrow will be my "numbers" post. Just skim it over to see how I formatted it and then send me an email with something similar.

  3. Hey, just found this. It's a good idea to track these sales, because the market is just opening up.

    I'm publishing my mom's short stories. Give me a few days to get my data together.

  4. Definitely send them over when you get the chance.


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