Review of "A Long, Lonely Time" by J.R. Tomlin, a single story in the collection "Twists and Turns"

A collection of nine short stories resulting from the "Red Adept Reviews Twists Contest."

“A Long, Lonely Time” by J.R. Tomlin: A woman finds a very special door in her attic.

This was a sweet story about an elderly woman who is given the chance to make a change to her past.  Faced with the inevitable death of her husband, this change will make her present not quite so lonely.

Tomlin's story is best described as heart-warming rather than thrilling.  The emotions portrayed are genuine.  There is no over-the-top attempt to wrench out tears.  By the end you have a bittersweet smile on your lips.

After several action packed stories, "A Long, Lonely Time" is a lovely wind down at the end of this collection.

3.5/5 stars
Reviewed by Alain Gomez

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