Review of "42jorie" by John Philpin, a single story in the collection "Twists and Turns"

A collection of nine short stories resulting from the "Red Adept Reviews Twists Contest."

“42jorie” by John Philpin: A man meets a special woman online.

An intriguing tale of a man who's internet flirtations go just a little too far.  On the surface it makes a fun psychological short story.  If you go a little deeper, there a bit of social commentary you can draw out.  The internet is a wonderful tool but definitely has a dark underbelly.  Who are you really talking to online?

"42jorie" has a fun little turn of events at the end.  But as with some of the other stories in the collection, the conclusion goes just a tad too far in explanation department.  Some things are best left to the readers imagination.

3.5/5 stars
Reviewed by Alain Gomez

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