"End Behavior" by Alain Gomez and Aubrey Bennet

"End Behavior" is an an action serial designed to be completely ridiculous.  I'm co-authoring it with my good friend and lovely fellow reviewer here on Book Brouhaha, Aubrey Bennet.  Aubrey and I originally started this story back in college for our own personal amusement.  Both of us have a weakness for cheesy movies.  The goal was to create a story that kind of played up every single James Bond/Clive Cussler/Robery Ludlum stereotype.

Lo and behold the e-book revolution came around years later.  So we decided to turn "End Behavior" into a campy serial with "Will our hero ever esacpe?!  Tune in next week!" types of endings.  As of right now, the plan is to do eight episodes in this series.

I have no idea if the series will ever catch on but they're really fun to write.  The general policy when putting together episodes is: subtle yet over-the-top.  Our main character never drives any car worth lesson that $150,000 and of course has to run around with the brilliant but sexy women.

I really think that this is kind of the epitome of why the self-published e-books are so great.  Writers are now totally free to write what they enjoy no matter how off-beat it is.  It's very liberating.


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