2012 the Year of the Short Story?

A few days ago I came across a link shared on Twitter by James Everington.  It was called "Is 2012 Going to Be 'The Year of the Short Story?'" and you can read the article here if you like.

First of all, the title made me laugh.  It sounds like the a Chinese zodiac sign or something for the year.  The article itself doesn't really break any new ground either.  It basically just talks how traditional publishers have not been interested in short stories until this point because they cost too much to print.  Well, duh.

What is interesting about the article is that it suggests at the end how ebooks are changing the availability of short stories which has caused a renewed interest for publishers.  Now this is what short story authors have been hoping for since the beginning.  What's significant about this article is that it's a sign that our dreams could become a reality.

Articles such as this show that short stories are now becoming a market presence.  A viable market presence to boot.  So it's no longer just short story authors shouting "ebooks will bring back short stories!" with novel writers giving us patronizing chuckles.  Now the publishers are starting to realize that we may actually have a point.


  1. Glad to be of service...

    And yes, my first thought was Chinese 'The Year Of xxxxx' too!

  2. Lol! Let's hope it brings good fortune and prosperity to those who write them.


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