Short Stories Are Perfect For....

  1. Long trips to the bathroom
  2. Doctor appointments where they are only running "5 minutes" behind
  3. Obscenely long lines at the grocery store because the person in front is trying to win the exact change award
  4. Pretending to look like you're important and busy because you're staring at your phone
  5. Extended family get-togethers and you're not too keen on talking to any of your relatives
  6. Improving your vocabulary during a boring class - at least you're learning something, right?
  7. Waiting for your fashionably late friend to show up for your dinner engagement
  8. Actually putting your iPad to good use
  9. Lunch breaks where you don't want to look like a loser by just sitting there alone and chewing
  10. When you're not focused enough to read a novel but don't want to tell people that you just sat around and watched TV the whole weekend
  11. When you can't decide if you're in the mood for a rip-your-heart-out horror story or a rip-your-heart-out sappy romance
  12. Appearing artsy at trendy coffee shops


  1. I'm with you - I love short stories! Compelling little tales that let me experience another world and walk beside interesting characters while I eat yet another ham-and-swiss sandwich for lunch. Here's to the short stories!

  2. I find that they're especially useful when I'm apparently suffering from attention deficit. #11 is frequently an issue for me lol.

  3. I like reading short stories when I'm writing something myself - when I feel like reading, but don't want to get too distracted from my own story by getting deep into a novel.


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