Penguin Mini Modern Classics

Fellow blogger Helen Smith brought to my attention the Penguin Mini Modern Classics now available on Amazon.  In the UK they are called Modern Classics - a collection of short stories by famous writers.

At $4.19 per Kindle edition, this could be a huge breakthrough for the short story writer.  Not only are these small collections receiving good reviews from readers but it's also a sign that major publishers are now acknowledging the importance of this form of fiction.

With the ever rising number of ebook readers, the short story genre may once again be a viable source of income for writers rather than just something to do for fun.

Check out these collections on Amazon


  1. They look fantastic, don't they! I knew they'd appeal to you...

  2. I already picked out one to buy =)

  3. This is going to cost me you know; I can tell before even going off to look...

  4. Lol. Just take my money! Take it all!

    I ordered The Romance of the Thin Man and the Fat Lady by Robert Coover. I'll write a review here when I'm done.


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