Love, Murder, Etc. by Kathleen Valentine

About Kathleen Valentine and why she likes the short story genre:
To me a good short story is a microcosm of experiences both sensory and intellectually. As a writer of short stories I try to create a small world, much like one might find in a snow globe, that is precise, exquisite and satisfying. Whether it is a story about love or about a crime or just the story of one person's experience, I want to give my readers a rich experience, a glimpse into my character's world. Though I have published novels and non-fiction, I love the art of the short story for its ability to create a complete little world that can interest readers without a great investment of their time. People today lead busy lives and often do not have the time to commit to a novel. But a short story can be like a mini-vacation in which they can slip away and leave everything behind for just a little while.

Summary of this work:
My book love, murder, etc. contains 8 short stories, some about love, some about murder, some about both.

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