Bloodstains On The Wall by Mike Dennis

About Mike Dennis:
After thirty years as a professional musician (piano), Mike Dennis left Key West and moved to Las Vegas to become a professional poker player. In November 2010, his noir novel, The Take, was released by L&L Dreamspell. It's a story of human desperation, set in Houston and New Orleans.  In addition, Mike has had short stories published in A Twist Of Noir, Mysterical e, Slow Trains, and the 2009 Wizards Of Words Anthology.  A collection of three short stories from the dark side, Bloodstains On The Wall, is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Mike's opinion of the short story genre:
With the explosion of digital publishing, short stories now have a vast, new outlet. The rise of e-readers, especially among younger people, will provide the market for these stories, and as long as they are priced correctly and are well-written, new stories will be joined with new readers.

Summary of this work:
From the other side of the human condition comes this collection of noir tales by Mike Dennis.
It's 1984 and Biloxi, Mississippi has seen better days. Sherry Lamar, used car saleswoman extraordinaire, is feeling the pinch. Then one day, a stranger walks onto her small car lot and ushers her into a world of steamy sex and murder.

A seven-year-old boy is playing with his two younger sisters when a minor accident occurs. One of the sisters is to blame, but she blames the boy and their mother believes her, punishing the boy. This starts him on a downward spiral into self-doubt and later, depravity, that will last his entire life.

A famous crime fiction novelist thinks the current book she's working on will revive her sagging fortunes. Halfway through it, however, she develops writer's block and is unable to continue her story, until a mysterious early-morning phone caller claims to have the answers.

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  1. Mike Dennis is that unusual writer who can do character as well as plot, novels and short stories. "Fully Loaded" is my favorite short story from this collection - but they are all riveting cautionary tales from the seamy side. Mike just put another novel out called "Setup on Front Street" which is also a must read.

  2. Mike Dennis' work keeps me on the edge of my seat. I enjoyed reading these stories as well as The Take, and am really looking forward to Setup on Front Street. His writing is tight, his characters are exciting and he has an insight into the criminal world that is amazing. I can't wait to see what the next riveting installment of his body of work will bring.

  3. Are you into gruesome? How about the macabre? Life on the dark side? Mike Dennis covers it all. His stories are quick reads, and scary! He's a master of noir fiction. His novel, The Take, is a page turner.


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