Feed The Enemy by James Everington

About James Everington and why he likes the short story genre:
I'm a short story writer from Nottingham, England. I'm proud to write in the short story form - it is a separate form and not just a condensed and lazy novel as some people now seem to think. I love novels too, but short stories, when they hit home, are unique. And I refuse to call them 'shorts'. Ughhh.

Summary of this work:
Attempting to flee the capital on a day dominated by the threat of terrorism, one woman discovers that the real source of her fears might be closer to home. A story about the psychological effects of terrorism on our minds and relationships.

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  1. You are quite welcome.

    Great paragraph. I think it's so true what you say about authors viewing short stories as a "lazy novel." I really think the stigma these days come from the authors and not the readers.


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