September 2011 Short Story Sales Stats

The numbers are definitely doing well for September. Here are my numbers for all works under 10,000 words and their collections:

Amazon (US/UK/DE):
         # of works:  16
         # of sales:  33

        # of works:  16
        # of sales:  2

I've actually had a few sales from Apple as well.  It's hard to keep track of my progress there because I publish through Smashwords and they update their sales reports roughly the same speed as evolution.  But I digress.  Most of my Apple sales have been for my two western novellas.  But in July I did sell one copy of an under 10k story.

I continued to have "Celebrity Space" set at free for the month of September.  The number of free downloads I have on a daily basis on Amazon has remained steady.  So that's promising.  When I first set the story for free there was a huge spike the first week or so and then it started to taper off.  I was worried that eventually the free downloads would stop altogether but that doesn't seem to be the case.

The free option seems to be making no lasting effect whatsoever on B&N.  I don't know how many free downloads I have had total (again, Smashwords) but I've been watching the sales rank over there.  It fluctuates up and down so I do know that someone is downloading something over there.  Based on what I've observed watching my other stories there, I would hazard to guess that I "sell" 1-3 free copies every day.  While free seems to encourage Amazon buyers to try other stories in my series, B&N continues to remain an elusive animal.

I do plan on keeping "Celebrity Space" free for another month.  It seems to be helping me more than hurting.   If if ain't Baroque, don't fix it (music joke!).


  1. I have had good luck on B&N freebies -- but you have to wait a LONG LONG time to know for sure. And not every book does well either as a freebie, or when it goes back to priced.

    And like you, I find my novella does best at Apple.

  2. That's true, I never considered maybe changing what's free to suit what sells on B&N. Do you find that your freebies on B&N have translated into sales for your other work?


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