Review of "Love, Everlasting," a short story by Maria Violante

When Cole Harper wakes up in a cabin, gun in hand, he moves quickly to dispose of his girlfriend's body in the woods. Too bad she has other plans.

"Love, Everlasting" was twisted, creepy, mysterious... I liked it.  I feel I should clarify that this story is about a cocaine addict.  Normally druggie stories are not really up my ally.  More often than not I find myself losing interest as the story unfolds in a tedious manner with the protagonist trying to find more drugs.  But this was definitely not the case with Violante's short story.  I was actually irked when I had to pause reading it (something came up) because I wanted to find out what happens in the end.

Violante has a wonderful style of writing.  She obviously "gets" how to create mood with minimalist description.  Her story is face-paced but still feels like a complete experience at the same time.   I was a little worried while reading that it was going to have a cliche Hollywood-esque ending.  I'm happy to inform you  that "Love, Everlasting" falls into no such trap.  I was very much impressed by the messed up little twist at the end.  

This story is well worth reading if you are a fan of horror fiction.  It very much reminded me of an X-Files/campy zombie kind of movie.

4/5 stars
Reviewed by Alain Gomez

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