Review of "Hard Creek Bridge," a short story by Issac Sweeney

Friendless and shy, Slim Jackson enters his second semester at Abe Lincoln University. He gets lost on an unknown path, comes to a strange bridge, and has the struggle of his lifetime.

An interesting short story with more depth than the summary gives it credit for.  Oozing in symbolism, this is a tale of change and maturity.  Slim Jackson must decide how to approach this "life bridge."

Sweeney's story is a quick, pleasant read.  I feel that his style is geared toward "literary" rather than "entertainment."  I would say that Sweeney seems to be done an injustice in the ebook format.  If this story were bought as an instant gratification purchase, it would be easy to completely dismiss "Hard Creek Bridge."  

On the surface it's overly simple.  The reader has to want to put some effort into figuring out what Sweeney was driving at.  With this in mind, I almost wish I had been given this story to read in a reader's magazine or something.  A story such as this deserves to be approached from an intellectual standpoint rather than just "entertain me."

3/5 stars
Reviewed by Alain Gomez

Buy this short story on Amazon or B&N.  Or purchase the story in the collection "Evolvement."


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