Review of "Rogue Hunter: Gaia #2: Intruder" by Kevis Hendrikson

THE HUNT CONTINUES! Narrowly escaping death at the hands of a gang of bloodthirsty space pirates, Zyra Zanr investigates the mystery of Gaia, hoping its secrets will lead her to the criminal Molly Black. But time is running out. Zyra will have to work fast if she is to stop the deadly plot that Black has hatched to destroy the InterGalactic Alliance. Book 2 of 3.

**Review may contain spoilers**
This is part two of a short story trilogy.  It picks up a few days after the end of the first story in the series.  The plot continues at a good clip.  After reading both the first and the second "episodes," I'm still finding myself interested in how the entire story will conclude.

Thus far, I have found general appeal in these stories rather than specific.  Generally, I like that the action doesn't drag.  I also enjoy the overall premise which is to find out how to destroy a massively powerful ship of extremely mysterious origins.  Sure, this plot has been done before in sci-fi.  But I'm totally ok with that.  Plots like that are timeless and fun.

Specifically, I do have one or two issues.  The character development for Zyra Zanr is iffy at best.  For example, there will be scenes (especially in the first story) where she is trying to crack a joke but fails.  So the impression is one of a rough around the edges girl made tough by a hard life.  Then, all of the sudden, this second part introduces the idea that she's a rogue hunter and, therefore, has some blood lust issues?  As in, she doesn't do bounty hunting for the money but rather for the satisfaction of the kill?

I was almost willing to let the rogue hunter/blood lust thing slide if it hadn't been for outcome of the various action sequences.  To-date, Zyra has gotten the snot kicked out of her in every fight she's been in except for one small scuffle in the first story.  To me, this is not a great a great track record for someone who kills for the pleasure of killing.  Her actions do not speak for her words.

Nevertheless, I am kind of hooked on these stories.  I think they appeal to the gamer geek in me.  Whatever nitpicking issues I may have with them, they do, for some reason, make me come back for more.

3.5/5 stars
Reviewed by Alain Gomez


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