"Discovery," flash fiction by Alain Gomez

"Darling, I noticed a whole squad of news vans crowded around the Smith's house down the street.  What do you think that's for, I wonder?"

"Oh!  Didn't you hear?  They discovered a lost book of the Bible in their attic."

"You don't say!"

"I know!  Isn't that just the darnedest thing?  Scholars from all over the country are being flown in to authenticate it.  That makes two this month!"


"Why, yes!  Just a few weeks ago the Jones' discovered the rest of Mozart's Requiem Mass in their attic."

"Good Lord!"

"Tell me about it.  Music experts supposed for hundreds of years that The Requiem was left unfinished.  It would turn up in the home of people as annoying as the Jonses'."

"Quite unfair, really."

"Collectors are already offering them a fortune for those dratted sheets of music."

"Darling.... how about we have a go 'round in our attic?  Haven't been up there for years.  Never know what might turn up."

"What a marvelous idea!  Let me put some coffee on and I'll go right up and join you."


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