Author interview: Edwin Stark

How did you become interested in short stories? 
I started writing short stories both as a learning experience (I'm originally a native Spanish speaker) and as a mean to pass time (I live in a tropical rainforest: plenty lonely and BORING).  I suddenly discovered I had the knack to write and I haven't stopped ever since.
As an author, do you think writing short stories is worthwhile?  Why? 
Yes, it is. I love the ability to communicate something in 3000 words or less. I'm usually too elaborate in my descriptions and I find it quite challenging to limit myself to the aforementioned word limit. It's very rewarding.
What types of short story promotion have worked for you? 
The funny stuff is that I use my short stories to hook my readers into my longer works. Whenever I sell a copy of Cuentos, my short story collection, I almost always get a follow up sale of my other books.
What types of short story promotion have not worked for you? 
The standalone short story way: I like to provide my readers with a diversity of diverging short story styles to make them able to see my writing range: If I show a sci-fi fan a horror short story (or viceversa) I may end up alienating a potential reader.
Do you consider 99 cents to be a fair price for a standalone short story?  Why or why not? 
See reason above... 99 cents is what I charge for my short story collection at this stage in my writing career.

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