Review of "Rogue Hunter: Gaia #1: Into the Abyss" by Kevis Hendrikson

THE HUNT BEGINS! Zyra Zanr pursues a dangerous fugitive in possession of a mysterious, but deadly weapon. Zyra must recapture this weapon before it is unleashed upon the unsuspecting people of the galaxy. Book 1 of 3.

This is a fun sci-fi story that plays out like a first-person shooter computer game.  From starting out with the unclothed hero having to "equip" to running around in a red leather ensemble to action sequences that feel slightly reminiscent of punching out button combos on your game controller... it's got all the classic elements.

The premise of this story is interesting enough to have you keep reading.  You'll find yourself wanting to discover what exactly Zyra was sent to recover.  My only issue with this story was the dialog.  While the in-between descriptions were fun and very futuristic feeling, the dialog between  the characters felt generic and present day.  With characters duking it out in a life-or-death laser gun battle, it feels very out of place if one of them uses terms such as "party pooper."

However, I found myself enjoying this story as a whole.  I look forward to reading the other two in the series.

3.5/5 stars
Reviewed by Alain Gomez


  1. Yes, it was like a short story comic book.

  2. One thing I appreciate about the reviews I've seen here is that you are kind of stingy with the stars. High standards. I like it! (Though I'm a littls scared because I have some reviews coming up.)

  3. Lol. In addition to championing the short story, my friends and I are trying to make a stand for the poor, neglected 3 stars =p

    In all seriousness though, I think it's the most fair baseline. That means there are potentially two more stars to go up or down from. For me, the 4 star baseline is a tough order. It kind of seems like there's a long way to fall if there are any errors.

    For any future reviewees: do look at what we wrote in the review rather than the actual star rating. We do take our star rating policy very seriously so the review for a three star story will generally be complimentary.


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