Author interview: John Brinling

How did you become interested in short stories?
I’ve always liked short stories since I first read Poe.

As an author, do you think writing short stories is worthwhile? Why?
I write short stories as a break from my larger works or when I feel the need to put something down on paper as a result of something I've seen or heard that affected me.

What types of short story promotion have worked for you?
I've used my short stories as a means to promote my name recognition, not as an income generator. His First Kill is available free on Smashwords, and I have done well with it. I’ve recently made my two other shorts free, since I’m interested in reaching new readers more than making any money on them. The titles of these two stories is: A Whale Of A Myth and A Memorable Weekend.

Do you consider 99 cents to be a fair price for a standalone short story? Why or why not?
I think it’s fair, but there seems to be resistance to paying even a dollar for a short story, so selling them is a problem, especially since many full length novels are now being sold for that price. I don't know the answer to  our question, since most sites like Amazon have that $0.99 lower limit.

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  1. "but there seems to be resistance to paying even a dollar for a short story, so selling them is a problem, especially since many full length novels are now being sold for that price."

    I agree this is an issue right now with short stories. Do you feel that people will eventually begin to see short stories as a different type of entertainment? Or will it always be a question of length?

  2. This resistance is truly annoying.
    Because some novelists decide to undervalue their work my shorts seem overpriced? Whatever.

    On another note, Alain (or anyone) did you see Big Al's review today? He reviewed a collection of flash fiction. And had some really good things to say about the craft. Even better, the review got some really positive comments.

    Shana Hammaker
    METAMORPHOSIS, Twelve Terrifying Tales for 2011

  3. I went over there and checked it out. Very encouraging since I have a short story being reviewed by him.

    I disagree with his analogy. I would equate a novel to a three course meal. It has to be consumed slowly and enjoyed. A short story is a one course, one sitting meal. Flash fiction, a snack.


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