New Year's Writing Goals

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone was able to bring it in with a smash.  Or, at the very least, a smashing new story if you decided to stay in =)

I gave up making resolutions long ago.  I enjoy celebrating the new year but it's just not a big enough holiday in my mind to make me feel any sort of guilt about breaking resolutions I made mere hours before.  But goals I can do.  At least they help me to stay on track and keep a good pace.

Life goals are too vague.  Plus I usually forget about them a week later.  But I thought some New Year's writing goals might be nice.  So here are some things I'd like to get done in 2012 before the Mayan apocalypse occurs:

1.  I really want to finish my latest western novella.

2.  Try and keep up last year's pace of publishing one story and/or collection a month.

3.  My Photoshop skills are still pretty rudimentary so I'd like to work on those a bit.

4.  Publish at least one non-fiction work.  I've really been slacking off in my non-fiction writing.  I have a few works in progress that just need me to sit down and finish them.

And that's pretty much it.  I figure four is a reasonable enough number.  Anyone else have any writing goals for this year?


  1. Oh, you write Westerns? Me too!

    I jump between projects far too much for any year-long goals to come off properly, so I'm going to try taking it a month at a time. For January, I want to finish a historical mystery novella I'm working on. Then the next couple months I'm going to try and revise (and hopefully publish) a few completed manuscripts.

    Incidentally, do you design your own covers?

  2. I do write westerns. I have two western novellas at the moment. I loved writing them but, as you said, easy to get sidetracked lol.

    I do design my own covers. My boyfriend has done a few but most of them are mine. Due to the fact that I usually crack out a story a month, I just can't afford to buy professional ones every time. Plus, learning Photoshop has been kind of fun.


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