December 2011 Short Story Sales Stats

Man, where did 2011 go??  I was just starting to get used to it.  But at least the December sales were decent.  I have now gotten to a point in my writing career where I'm not sure if my sales are increasing due to the season (large numbers of kindles/nooks being gifted) or if it's just because my author name has existed long enough that it starting to "get out there."  Hopefully both?

No new selling gimmicks for December for me.  I admit, I've been too busy with holiday stuff to really focus on my writing.  I did add my latest collection to the KDP select program.  But I'm going to wait a bit before I create a conclusion drawing post about it.

Just the usual reminder that these are my paid 10,000 words or less and their collections only numbers.

Amazon (US/UK/DE/FR/IT/ES):
  # of works:  23
  # of sales:  34

  # of works:  22
  # of sales:  3

Apple (November):

  # of works:  18
  # of sales:  1

Kobo (November):

  # of works:  18
  # of sales:  1

Sony (November):

  # of works:  18
  # of sales:  0


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