Concept behind "Cure" by Alain Gomez

I've always thought the concept of time an interesting subject.  I know next to nothing about physics but I think it's safe to assume that at this point, even expert physicists are in the dark about time as well.  I mean, we really have no way of knowing how time travel would affect things unless we actually tried it (IF we could even try it).  It's like speculating about the afterlife or something.  No one is truly an expert.

The concept behind Cure came from my interest in time and my second favorite speculative subject: toying with the moment of death.  I truly believe that when it's your time to go, that's it.  You can't cheat death.  It's like the line from the Emily Dickinson poem: "Because I could not stop for Death, he kindly stopped for me."

I've only sold a handful of copies of this story thus far but so far it's been one of my more favorite ones to write.  Basically the whole premis is about a guy preparing to go into cryogenic freezing for 100 years.  So it was fun getting into the midset.  What would he have to do to prepare for a thing like that?


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