Short Stories Elicit Reactions

Art should elicit a reaction out of you.  Even if you hate a movie or painting or book, it's still a memorable experience in its own way.  The worst possible thing an artist can be is forgettable.

One thing that really has interested me as I continue to write short stories is how people react to them.  I've received 1 star through 5 stars as a rating.  In terms of feedback I've had the scathing one sentence and I had a review that was nearly as long as the story itself outlining all of its merits.  Flattering or insulting, it doesn't bother me.  All I ever ask for is an honest opinion.  Honestly.

However, what seems to upset most people is the length.  In all the good reviews I've ever received, the reviewer tends to focus on the story itself.  The reviews that are not so positive or just plain lukewarm almost always stem from the length of the story.  On several (yes, more than once) occasions, I have received feedback saying that the story was so short it was a waste of time.

That kind of thinking... I just don't get.  But apparently the number of words is a source of animosity for some.   To the point where they can't possibly say if they did or did not actually enjoy what few words were provided. Ah well, you can't please everyone.

But there is a lesson to be learned here.  All this time that writers spend agonizing over creating the perfect revolutionary novel is a waste!  Useless effort!  All you really have to do to p*ss people off is write a piece of light fiction that's under 5,000 words.


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