Muzik Chronicles

So!  I've been wanting to start a mildly geeky blog for some time.  In elementary school I already had the music nerd title so in an effort to at least appear somewhat normal I would usually keep my geekiness in check.  Mostly.  I mean, it came out every once in awhile.  Like, everyone knew I loved Star Wars in 5th grade.  Whatever.

But now that I am an adult and free from the shackles of peer pressure, I am at liberty to express my geeky nature!  I've been mulling for some time over what kind of geeky blog I would want to write (plus, I just love to mull).  I've also been thinking about educating the short story reader.  Or at least maybe giving people an outlet to try writing for themselves.

The result: Muzik Chronicles.

Muzik Chronicles is an interactive sci-fi blog.  For my other fellow geeks out there: think of it like a customizable card game.  Every post is designed to add a little detail to the universe.  There are six types of posts:  weapon, ship, planet, race, profession, adventure.  The adventures are all done flash fiction style (1,000 words or less) and will all be based off of the an already created profession or race (or whatever).

Guest adventures are more than welcome!  For my part, I just have fun writing the posts.  It's like playing a game or something.  I'm hoping others will have fun with it as well.  If nothing else, it might encourage some people to try their hand at flash fiction.



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