Short story sales stats for Ellen O'Connell

Your past short story writing history - None, except school long ago, of course. Other than some non-fiction articles, I haven't done shorter works.

Date you electronically published your first story- I published my first novel in February 2010. The first (and only to date) short story mid-April 2011.

Amount of effort you put into advertising your short stories- Pretty much none. You reviewed it when I answered your post on KB, and I mentioned it on my own blog.

Genre(s)- The short story is western historical romance. My novels are that and cozy mystery.

The average length your individual short stories tend to be- My short story is 6,000 words.

Amazon sales data
        All data for one short story, 6,000 words.
        Partial month of April (first available and first sales April 13): 56
        May: 125
        June: 117
        July: 101

B&N sales data 
        None. Not available on B&N

This story has been available free on my website since the beginning. It was also available for free on Smashwords through May. I don't know how many free downloads there have been since my website doesn't tally them.


  1. I too have found that my Smashwords free downloads have been minimal and almost never lead to further paid sales.


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