Dear Book Brouhaha readers,

I am going to host my first ever blog giveaway.  I thought of hosting a competition, but that was just way too much effort.  I'm sorry.  I am lazy.

So cutting straight to the chase....

I will be giving away Kindle copies of this flash fiction collection right here:

The giveaway will last until the next blog posts (24 hours).  So if this is still the latest blog post, ask away!  In order to receive a copy, simply leave a comment on this blog post so I know you somehow came through Book Brouhaha.  Then just shoot me an email and I'll send you a copy.  Simple!

No strings attached.  Reviews are always appreciated but only if they're honest.  I want real, soul-wrenching feedback.

If this turns out well, hopefully there will be more giveaways to come!


  1. Hello Alain,

    I love flash fiction and would definitely like a good read. Count me in!

    -Ben G.

  2. Hey!

    Looks awesome!
    Is this the super-dark collection I saw you mention on the kindleboards?


  3. Whoohoo! First two vict... I mean, customers... of the day!

  4. @Shana- It is. Though slightly more watered down from the original idea. My original concept was both dark AND gory. I decided that was too much. So it ended up just being dark.


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