Review of "Should Have Seen It Coming" by Brendan Carroll, a single story in the collection "Twists and Turns"

A collection of nine short stories resulting from the "Red Adept Reviews Twists Contest."

“Should Have Seen It Coming” by Brendan Carroll: A man's wife leaves him unexpectedly.

This is a fun, well-written short story with a touch of horror.  The character development of our protagonist was excellent.  The plot was solid but there were just a few too many hints dropped about how the story was going to end.  It was pretty easy to guess what happened to the wife after just a few paragraphs in.

I would classify this story as entertaining rather than unique.  The skill with which it was written makes it a very enjoyable read that definitely adds to the "Twists and Turns" anthology.

3.5/5 stars
Reviewed by Alain Gomez


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