Review of "A Memorable Weekend" by John Brinling

When Marge Harper decides to host a Special Olympian for the weekend, she knows only that he is somehow handicapped and is an avid skier. Despite her own infirmities--which are significant--she is sure she will be able to help her Olympian—until he turns the tables and changes how she sees the world.

In this story, Brinling’s portrayal of the emotional and physical hardships those with disabilities face is both compelling and honest. The compression of so many emotions into a story that spans just over twelve pages feels overwhelming at times. The main character oscillates wildly between self-doubt, self-loathing, fear and joy. However, the emotions feel genuine and the reader is left feeling satisfied at the end that things are looking up for all the characters.

Brinling’s writing is smooth and easy to read. The author is fond of employing metaphors, which, though not always spot on for the situation, are entertaining. The dialogue is acceptable if not wowing, and the characters are realistic enough for the reader to connect with. Being both uplifting and a pleasant read.

3/5 stars
Reviewed by Aubrey Bennet


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