Review Policies

Book Brouhaha provides review services for works that are 10,000 words or less (short stories). Please do not attempt to send works that are over the word limit. All works must be sent in PDF format. No physical copies will be accepted.

Collections of short stories are permitted so long as every story in the collection is under the 10,000 word mark.  If the collection is long, I may ask you to send me only one story from it to be reviewed.  That way the focus stays on short fiction.

The reviewers are pretty open-minded about genre.  They only have two rules:

-No really kinky erotica.  Some erotica is fine.  If it's over-the-top, it won't be accepted.  Use your discretion.
-No especially gruesome horror.  The reviewers are generally not of a squeamish nature.  They just do not want to read a detailed report on a torture scene.  Again, use your discretion.

The reviewer that reads the story will provide a written summary.  A star rating will also be issued.  Please keep in mind that this grading scale is how we rank books on this blog.  Some review sites will have four stars as their baseline for a solid story.  We work from three stars to give us the freedom to really highlight the pieces that stand out to us.  If your short story is decently written and enjoyable, expect a three star review.  A three star review does not mean that we hated your work.

Grading scale:

5 stars:  Absolutely life changing.  We will be thinking about this story for years to come.
4 stars:  This was an especially good story that really piqued our interest while reading.
3 stars:  Well written and entertaining.  Maybe not life changing or there were one or two errors, but we could definitely see the value of the work.
2 stars:  Boring or had some major flaws.  Story could have one or two redeeming qualities.
1 star:  No redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Review Team:

Alain Gomez (Head Reviewer):
Alain is a lifelong reader and independent short story author.  She thoroughly enjoys short fiction and believes that e-readers will allow this genre to eventually make a comeback.

Purity Jones (Assistant Reviewer):
Purity has a major in Spanish and minors in English and History.  With over twenty years of reading experience under her belt, Purity is always more than happy to share her literary opinions.

Aubrey Bennet (Assistant Reviewer):
Aubrey has a voracious literary appetite and has been writing stories since she was four years old.  She is a published author but also has an eclectic taste in reading material and looks forward to discovering new works.

Galen Mahoney (Assistant Reviewer):
Galen authors a car review blog has been interested in short form fiction for many years.  Though he enjoys many different genres, he is especially fond of young adult fiction and comic books.

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