Beta Reading Service

What is a Beta Reader?

A Beta Reader reads an author’s manuscript before it is sent to an editor and offers constructive criticism focusing on the flow of the story, characterization, dialogue, and potential plot holes.

Why do you need a Beta Reader?

All authors need multiple Beta Readers to help improve their craft.  Without them, an author cannot obtain objective feedback on the story and could potentially pay more in editing costs because of the level of effort needed to improve it.

Why do I offer this service?

Good, objective Beta Readers can be difficult to find.  I am an author so I know this from personal experience.  Writing workshops can be fun but are also expensive and time consuming.  Taking a week off of work to get constructive criticism is not something every author can afford.

Why should you hire me to Beta Read your manuscript?

  • I am a voracious reader and writer. 
  • I've been reviewing short stories here on Book Brouhaha since 2011.
  • I'm not squeamish about issuing my opinions.  When reviewing, I don't give 5/5 stars easily but I also do not give everything a 1 star.  If you look through my past reviews you will find that I usually say why I like or don't like something.
  • I have been a private music teacher for many years so honest feedback is something I value.  My goal is always to make you a better storyteller.

I Will:

  • Read your story from the perspective of a reader, not an editor.  This means I don't look for things like specific grammar errors but I will point out if I noticed a significant number of mistakes.
  • Offer constructive criticism about characterization, dialogue, pacing, and look for plot inconsistencies.
  • Offer ideas on how to improve the story.
  • Try to work within your time frame or give you a reasonable estimate as to how long the job will take me.
  • Expect you to accept my constructive feedback with an open mind.
  • Provide this in-depth criticism in a written document and will enter comments directly onto the manuscript.

I Will Not:

  • Publicly post the feedback that I offer.  Beta Reading is different from a public review.  
  • Offer suggestions that take away your “voice” as an author.
  • Attempt to rewrite your work for you.
  • Copy edit or proofread your story. That is not what a Beta Reader does.
  • Coddle you. Authors need honest, objective feedback. See examples of my reviews.


$0.003 per word with a $10 minimum. For example, a 20,000 word novella would be $60.  A 5,000 word short story would be $15.  A 2,000 word short story would be $10 because it falls below the minimum. I use PayPal and will send you an invoice for half the payment before I begin work. Prior to delivery of the final critique, I will send an invoice for the balance. Rates will increase for rush requests.

Each read through is comprehensive and complete.  Rates are on a per draft basis.  This means if the author reworks the same story and wants an opinion on the new draft, another fee will be charged.

Questions? Ready to Hire Me?

Send me an e-mail to with the genre and length of your manuscript and your desired turnaround time. Please place “Book Brouhaha Beta Reading” in the subject line so it does not get sent to spam by accident. I’ll respond with my current schedule and we can discuss the project further.


  1. Working with Alain has been a tremendous experience. She works more like a book doctor, leaving comments in the actual manuscript, and providing a full page of in depth feedback that focuses on all areas that need improvement.

    Alain has beta read three manuscripts for me and I look forward to working with her on future projects. Her skills are exceptional.

    - Author Edward Lake

  2. My biggest problem with my story was I didn't know if it was right. I've made plenty of books before, but this seemed open ended and a little odd. Something, something. I didn't want to spend a huge amount of money for an editor to fix all the mistakes and then say it wouldn't work anyway. I just needed an unbiased betareader, which Alain did a perfect job for. Now, the work is blossoming much better with all the things pointed out to me.

    -Author Serena Walken

  3. Alain Gomez did an excellent job reviewing my manuscript. It's the second best thing that happened to my story. Only deleting it altogether would have been better but then I decided to keep and release it as this year's 16825689th indie e-book on Amazon. Probably no one will read it but those who do will find pleasure in my story after the huge improvements Alain recommended. Beta reading is like test screening for movies or focus groups for market research, a must for any self-respecting indie author and Alain delivers great value for the money. Highly recommended, unless you think your stuff can do without being judged by unbiased experts. If you're like that, you better do delete your stuff. If not, do yourself a favor and hire a pro beta reader like Alain.

  4. I submitted my YA fantasy to Alain knowing that something wasn't quite right but not being able to put my finger on it. Alain's comments were really insightful and has helped me discover that missing something to make it a better book. Now the relationship between the MCs has vastly improved and I've finally added enough exposition so that readers will understand what I'm on about! Thank you, Alain! :)

  5. Finding Alain was inspiring. Her constructive advice about my magical realism short story was to the point and easily applied. I really respect that she seems open minded about approach and voice, knowledgable about genre specifics and offered ways to refine my somewhat unusual style. I would love to work with her again and recommend her highly!

  6. Alain was fantastic to work with. The suggestions I received were very helpful. I submitted two stories I was 'stuck' on, and am now very excited about re-writing both of them, with new ideas and solutions to the problems I was having.
    I will be back with my next story for sure!

  7. Alain, I recently received a review from a "14" year-old self-described bibliophile using vast and mature vocabulary, and sharing a rather interesting review of my stories.

    I would appreciate learning what you think of my published collection of short stories (see two samples included below). I was referred to you by the Short Fiction Writers Guild.

    Thank you for considering my inquiry. SQ

    Volume I.

    Volume II.

    1. Hi SQ,

      All beta reading inquires should be sent to my email listed above (see: ready to hire me section).


  8. Alain is absolutely wonderful! She has given me so much good information and kept me on track!! She is an absolute gem!! Sheilah

  9. Alain is a terrific beta reader. Her comments and edits were spot on. Don't hire Alain for glowing praise, but rather for a clear, honest commentary on your work. I can honestly say my story has improved immensely with her suggestions. Worth every penny.

  10. Alain was fantastic to work with! The Beta Reading service is worth every cent. She pours through your story and offers constructive feedback in a friendly manner that does not come off as nit-picky, rude, or snobby--a skill that is hard to find in a beta reader!

    Her feedback is thorough, and she is willing to brainstorm with you on ways to improve your work. If you are looking for an affordable, knowledgeable (and friendly!) beta reader, I highly recommend her!

  11. Alain's honest commentary and useful advice helped me identify what was wrong with my writing, and where my stories and characters were flawed. At times it felt like strong critique, yet her outside view and sharp eye made me see where my strengths lay and how I can improve.

    I appreciate her services and definitely recommend her to those who which to learn and improve their craft.

  12. used the beta reading services of Ms. Alain Gomez for my memoir. The manuscript was only written once and before even doing any revisions I wanted to get a professional opinion. Alain gives you side notes where she is brutally honest about any confusing and unclear writings. Her side notes really opened my eyes to how an average reader sees the manuscript. All those side notes were a very constructive work because it really helped me identify which parts of the manuscript need more description and clarification for the average reader. On the other hand she gave me a written analysis of the plot and characters. She identified what in the plot is missing, which really gave me an idea how to do the revision in order to make the manuscript stronger. I am currently doing the first revision based on her critiques and it is really lifting my writing to its next and much better level. Alain really surprised me with her knowledge about psychology, philosophy, about communism and about other topics I was writing about. Obviously she is a very knowledgeable and well informed person. I have an impression that she is a very intelligent woman. Her critique helped me identify what is wrong with the manuscript as it was and gave me great and constructive directions about how to do the revision. I highly recommend her services.

  13. I hired Alain a long time ago to beta-read a story of mine, and her review was so accurate that she was the first person to come to mind last week when I finished another story and realized I needed to find out what was wrong with it.

  14. Accurate and to the point. A sniper of inconsistencies.

  15. Alain is an excellent beta reader and critic, who really sees weak points and gives very clear and structured feedback. I recommend her to anyone who needs another pair of eyes and wants to find specific points that can be worked on. I value her feedback highly, it has helped me to really bring out what I want to say in my stories. She's detailed and thorough and her advice is very intelligent - the ideal beta reader!


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