Review of "Asha," short story by Kevis Hendrickson

Asha is a 15-year old girl with the soul of a demon. She plans to wage war against heaven and hell using humanity as her main weapon. Asha begins the epic tale of the revenge of the dark goddess of demons!

I've read quite a few works by Hendrickson and this story certainly speaks for his ability to present interesting story lines move along at a nice clip.  I liked the protagonist.  She was an intriguing juxtaposition of human emotions and demon knowledge. 

And yet it's because I liked her that I found myself a little frustrated with the story.  I wanted to know more about her motives but all dialogue explanation remained frustratingly vague.  I learned more about the plot reading the summary than I did reading the story.  At no point in the story does Asha explain that she wants to wage a war or that humans will play an integral part in this war.  I don't expect an in-depth outline but I do need enough to put some of the pieces together.

But other than this the story is actually really, really good.  It's frustrating because it is good and as the reader I want to know what all that buildup was leading toward.  

Reviewed by Alain Gomez
3.5/5 stars

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