Review of "Christmas Past," a short story by Owen Adams

The Time Travel story with a dark side.

A man died while the snow fell. His body would be hidden until summer, but there are strangers in the woods today. During a long forgotten Christmas, three time travellers come to town; is their presence just a coincidence or are there darker secrets hidden beneath the ice.

An interesting time travel piece that has a classic cult sci-fi feel.  I really enjoyed Adams' style of writing.  He spoon-feeds you details in a way that keeps one engaged throughout the story.  His descriptions are sparse yet concise.  It doesn't take long to form the complete scenario in your mind.

The story unfolds at a nice pace, becoming more and more intriguing with each page turn.  Who are the time travelers?  What do they want from the man they were trying to track down?  And then.... it just ends.  Vague inferences are made on what the protagonists are up to, but not enough.  I don't need all of my questions answered.  Just some of them.  Enough to allow me to connect the dots.

So did this ruin the whole experience for me?  No.  I enjoyed the rest of it too much.  But I was slightly disappointed at the end.  Like, "Man! I want to know what happened!"  Adams is definitely a short story writer to keep on the radar though.  His story is worth checking out.

4/5 stars
Reviewed by Alain Gomez

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  1. Thanks so much for this review. Sorry it took me so long to leave you a comment, but I've been out of the loop since the end of November. I'm really glad you enjoyed the story. I shall endeavour to leave you more satisfied next time!

    1. Haha! No worries at all. Keep up the good work!


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