Announcing the Start of the Short Fiction Writers Guild!

Mission Statement

“The Short Fiction Writers Guild (SFWG) celebrates and promotes all genres of short fiction in an effort to share the entertainment of the form with new readers, provides a robust marketing platform to expand market viability and profit potential for the works of its members, and offers a range of services to help members improve as writers, while embracing the virtues of honesty, professionalism, and integrity.”

The SFWG invites writers of all genres to discuss and improve their work, take advantage of promotional opportunities, participate in writing contests, and publish in our Anthologies. We are also planning to add additional services and promotional opportunities soon. Please bookmark this thread as we will make all announcements regarding SFWG here and on our Facebook page. We invite everyone to explore the site and see how SFWG can help you in your writing and your career.

Member Benefits

Beta Reading
Ability to trade professional services
Vendor discounts
Multiple Pen Name support

To join, click on the "How to Join" tab on the "About SFWG" menu on our site and follow the directions.

Please contact us either through SFWG or replies here on this blog post. We look forward to hearing from you!


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