There's a new blog in town: Short Fiction Spotlight

Dear Short Fiction Fans and Writers,

There's a new short story review/feature blog in town called Short Fiction Spotlight.  It's run by fellow short story writer, Jason Varrone.

Jason really liked the idea behind Book Brouhaha and Short Story Symposium and wanted to take his own stab at it.  I told him to go for it!  There are a ton of novel review blogs but very few short story friendly ones.  There definitely needs to be more places where short story authors can submit their work and not fear a scathing "so short it's a waste of time" type of review.

For reviews Jason has a strict 10,000 and under word count cap.  If you want to just have an excerpt from your story featured, he allows any story/collection that's 40,000 words and under.  For more information check out his submission guidelines.

So definitely take a moment to go over and check out this new site!


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