January 2012 Short Story Sales Stats

So I've started out this new year focusing a lot on my non-fiction writing.  In my enthusiasm to push my pen name on the world, the non-fiction stuff kind of got knocked to the wayside.  An oversight I've been meaning to correct.

I don't know if any of my blog readers care but all of my non-fiction is in the short story length realm as well.  They tend to be like manuals.  There's definitely a market for short non-fiction.  All of my works sell pretty regularly.

But, as per usual, these sales numbers are for my fiction, under 10,000 words only.

Amazon (US/UK/DE/IT/ES):  23

B&N:  1

Kobo (December):  0

Sony (December):  1

Apple (December):  1

Of those Amazon sales, 2 are from Germany and 6 are from the UK.  I've definitely noticed a slooooow increase in non-US sales.  I think there's something to be said for that.  US consumers tend to fixate on getting large amounts for the cheapest price possible.  This tends to warp their views on the short story.  But just because US buyers do that doesn't mean the rest of the planet sees short stories in the same light.

So be sure to spread your reach out as far as possible.  Make yourself a global name, not just one that's well-known in your country.


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