November 2011 Short Story Sales Stats

Since my last post, Smashwords has decided to start posting the date sold for ebooks.  How convenient!  I will continue to list B&N (sad tale that it is) but I also wanted to add my Apple, Sony and Kobo sales.  Since Smashwords updates their numbers at a slower pace, I will be listing the previous month for Apple, Sony and Kobo.  That way it will be a more accurate report.

Once again, all of these numbers that I list are for my under 10,000 stories plus collections.  I don't list my novella sales since the general public already knows that novellas can sell.  Also, I only list numbers for stories that I actually got paid for.  Not the free downloads.

Total number of short stories and collections available:  23

Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR):  29

B&N:  1

Apple (October):  2

Sony (October):  0

Kobo (October):  2

Now on to some interesting things of note...

I made my first Amazon France sale this month.  This was cause for much rejoicing.  I also took away the free status for Celebrity Space.  Since doing that, I've retained a steady number of consistent paid sales for the story.  Even though I made no money off the story by having it set at free, the large number of downloads was enough to feed it into Amazon's "also bought" system.  So I'm hoping that it will stick.


  1. Mind if I ask how long Celebrity Space was free for?

  2. Actually up for free (not counting the time it took to get there) about four months.

    The first month I got over 3,000 downloads. After that it evened off to a couple hundred every month.


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