Review of "Room for Rent," a short story by David Toth

With a marriage and business gone bust, Allen is left with one option––rent out the basement of his isolated house in the Adirondacks to help pay the bills. At first, Greg Shaw is the ideal tenant: quiet, respectful and always pays his rent in cash. His paranoid insistence that dangerous people are after him seems like a harmless quirk. But when a household accident leaves Greg with a broken neck, Allen finds more than just old music records among Greg’s belongings. A large sum of money sits in a local bank and Allen, (a former child-actor) is faced with a decision: report the accident, or impersonate Greg to retrieve the money.

A classic tale of betrayal and greed. I really enjoyed this story. Despite the length the cast of characters were very fleshed out and memorable. The former child-actor going rogue was absolutely perfect.

The twists and turns were interesting but done concisely, which kept the pace of the story moving forward in a way that was fitting for a novelette. If you love a good crime story then Room for Rent is definitely worth picking up a copy.

4.5/5 stars
Reviewed by Alain Gomez

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