Getting back into the swing of things

I have been remiss with my blogging.  I apologize.  I have a very good excuse, however.  I got married.  And if anyone has ever attempted to plan for a wedding involving more than two people, you will know what I'm talking about.  It just has this way of occupying all of your spare time.  And I was a very low maintenance bride!

Anyway, it's done.  And I finally feel like I have recovered from the events along with the eight hour time difference of our honeymoon destination.  I can be in sync with the planet once more.

I'm looking forward to being a writer again.  During all the hubbub I made a point to keep writing a little each day but nothing else.  I was out of the loop and I missed it.  I enjoy staying on top changes to the publishing world and blogging.  I like the satisfaction I glean from regularly producing new work.

So I'm back!  And hopefully I'll be able to start hammering out some reviews for those of you who are waiting on one.


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