Looking Good with Kindle Unlimited

I realize it's still early days.  Kindle Unlimited is still smells fresh and everyone is in that lovely honeymoon period called "the free trial."  But so far I've been liking what I'm seeing.

Let me first say: I hated Select.  I tried it several times.  No luck.  Not a single borrow.  Maybe it was because Prime members didn't utilize the service.  Maybe they couldn't figure out how to borrow books.  I have no idea.  But it was so not worth being exclusive to Amazon.

But I'm always one for experimentation.  As a controlled test, I added a few titles that have been getting zero attention.  Like, not one sale since their publication on any channel and they've been on sale for several months.  These titles comprised of multiple pen names across multiple genres.  My logic being that I had nothing to lose and if I got any sort of sales it would be obvious as to who gets the credit.

Since adding the titles I've definitely seen an uptick in attention on some of them.  But not all.  As with regular sales, it does seem to be genre dependent.

A few of the titles are doing really well.  The number of reads/borrows outnumbers the sales 2 to 1.  This was impressive to me for two reasons.  One, that it even started getting sales.  And two, that people were actually reading through the story.

For now KU does seem to be working.  Perhaps due to the larger audience base?  Who knows.  I'll take what I can get.


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